Our Vision

We are two passionate dreamers.  Each one of us has brought our knowledge and experience to offer new and unique products and solutions for the green market.  Where most people see an empty gray space, we see the potential to build something healthy, alive, and green.

Our green roofs and living walls can transform a small section of the world into a miniature forest or a native prairie grassland, bridging the gap between urban and natural worlds.  We have the solutions to turn the city into a forest.  We are City Forest Solutions.

Photo: Il Portello, Milan, Italy

Meet Our Team


Federico Maffei

Founder & CEO

Federico Maffei comes from an Italian family that has been serving the green roof and green wall industry in Europe for more than 30 years, supplying volcanic growing media, green roofs, and green walls through his family company EuroPomice.  His passion for green design brought him to the United States in 2018, with the goal of bringing quality products with a track record of success in Europe to the American market.

Sam 1058x1380

Sam Wells

 Founder & President

Sam Wells is a real estate developer and green builder who has been responsible for more than $130 million in green building projects in New York City.  His passion is to bring about a reconciliation between the manmade world of the City and the natural world of the Forest, so that people can live in a well-balanced, healthy, and ecologically rich urban environment.  Sam has a law degree from Columbia University and also studied horticulture and sustainable garden design at the New York Botanical Garden.