Vertical Forest realized a new vision for biodiversity, urban reforestation, and green design, setting a new standard for residential construction worldwide.  The two buildings were the first examples of Vertical Forests, reaching heights of more than 350 feet and hosting 800  trees, 4,500 shrubs and 15,000 plants distributed according to the sun exposure of each location on the facade.  Planted using a volcanic soil medium on top of balconies and rooftops, the Vertical Forest incorporates 215,000 SF of plants into a tiny vertical footprint.  Building occupants enjoy beautiful views, cleaner air (more oxygen, less CO2, less dust) and a milder climate year-round thanks to the forest that enwraps the building.

Team: Boeri Achitetti, Peverelli, EuroPomice


Bedford Green House is a large residential building in New York City that will feature:

  • A green roof and garden featuring a native wildflower meadow, drought-tolerant plants, and an herb garden
  • A living facade with vines growing up and down the front of the building from planter boxes located beneath the windows
  • A rooftop greenhouse with aquaponics to grow fresh fish and organic plants in a symbiotic ecosystem

Team: ESKW Architects, Peverelli, Billie Cohen, City Forest Solutions, EuroPomice


Parco Vittoria is the largest public plaza in Milan, with 20,000 square meters of open green space.  Our parent company EuroPomice provided the growing media for the entire project.

Team: Vittoria Assicurazioni, Andreas Kipar, EuroPomice


Four new buildings surround a grant central plaza covered in grassy fields, trees, and pedestrian walkways.  The project created a new urban district with two residential towers, an office tower, and a shopping tower.  The growing media for all the green spaces was provided by our parent company EuroPomice.

Team: Zaha Hadid, Arup, Arata Isozaki, Libeskinde, EuroPomice